To place your order, simply do the following:

  • Fill out the form with information about  your project.

  • We accept Mastercard, Visa, and PayPal.  You can pay in any of four ways.

  • By PayPal online or direct into our account at

  • By credit card via e-mail.   To send your credit card payment by e-mail just supply
    your billing information with your name, address, city, state, zip, credit card number, and expiration date. 

  • By credit card via fax or phone. 
    You can fax your order and credit information to (510) 339-1626 , or phone in your order by calling (510) 339-1625
  • By check, money order, or cashier's check to:

                         Film and TV Connection
                         Changemakers Productions
                         6114 La Salle, #358
                         Oakland, CA 94611

  • Once your payment is confirmed, we'll contact you to let you know and give you an order number. Then, send us your query letter by an e-mail attachment in Word, rtf, or txt format, and we'll give you an address to access our templates to help you draft this letter. Then, we'll review your letter and give you feedback on improving your letter. 

    Or we can write a powerful query letter for you from a synopsis of your project and bio information about you.   

    Once your e-query or postal query letter is finalized, submit it as an e-mail attachment in .doc, .rtf, or .txt format to  We will send your e-mail letter out for you to the appropriate contacts and send you a report of all of the people we have contacted, which includes their name and company, to help with your follow-up. 

In addition to the query letter you will be sending us, you can copy and e-mail the following form to us.










If someone referred you,  tell us who:

Click here if you want us to use our Query Writer Service and have us write your query for $100 extra

Describe your project here:


Please list any contacts you don't want included in your mailing. No charge for up to 5 exclusions; $3 for each additional name.


Hit submit to send us information about your order.  If you don't go to the order page, hit To Order to go to there.  (Sometimes it doesn't work if you have a non-PC or non-Outlook Express browser, since the Website was created in Front Page).

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